Lady's Guide To Wajas
     By LadyAshley #34075 & #34092

Welcome to Lady's Guide To Wajas!

Last Updated: 8/14/08

This site is still under construction.

I have completely revamped the site! I hope that you guys like it! I am working on getting more pages up. Sorry for the wait on things, I've been super busy!

Here is a little preview of what is to come!

Markings: COMPLETE
Mutations: COMPLETE
Breeding Guide: COMPLETE
Account Upgrade: COMPLETE
Obsessed Waja Fan:
Random Events:
Guestbook: COMPLETE
Items: (to be divided into categories)
-Toys & Mouth Accessories
-Jewelry & Collars
-Species Change Items
-Food Accessories
-Easter Eggs
-Hats & Head Accessories
-Leg & feet Accessories
-Scars & Tattoos
-Tail Accessories
-Fake Mutations
-Body Clothing
-Neck Accessories
-Miscellaneous Items
-Main item page index of all items with "quick jump"

Each item will have an icon, and an item "card" which shows its inventory description.
It will also be shown how it displays on every breed.

I am CURRENTLY working on the Basics section, which is HUGE. It should cover each and every page you run across in wajas. The Basics page ITSELF is complete, but it branches out to cover each specific menu (home, world, communicate, etc), so it may take some time before i actually get it up.

This site SHOULD be dial up friendly once it loads. There are few images, unless you want there to be, via clicks on links. When clicked, a small separate window to your destination will then pop up.

NOTE: images will all load in the same pop-up window. If you click another link while one pop-up is open, it may minimize to your toolbar. Just pull it back up, and your new image will be displayed.

I hope that you all enjoy the site, and if you have any troubles, suggestions, or questions, feel free to pm me. I am LadyAshley on wajas and my main account is #34075.

NOTE: If you see images used on this site on other websites. I make ALL of my images myself. People I am affiliated with have my permission to use them. DO NOT STEAL MY IMAGES, OR DIRECTLY LINK TO THEM. If you wish to use them please contact me first, and ask permission to use them.

ALSO: I have a bunch of invites remaining! If you or someone you know wants to join wajas, you may email me your email address at

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