Lady's Guide To Creating A Custom
     By LadyAshley #34075 & #34092

Creating A Custom

To create a custom simply go to your inventory, find your token of choice, click it, and then click "Create Waja".

You will then be taken to a screen that looks something like this:

Fill in your Waja's Name, choose which gender you would like it to be, and what markings you would like it to have in the drop down boxes.

Colors must be entered in the color code known as hexadecimal.
If you know nothing about hexadecimal then you might want to download one of my very favorite programs.

NZ Software: Hex Color Finder

This little program is REALLY nifty. After installing it, and opening it you should have a little box window that looks something like this:

I have created a key to teach you how to use this tool.

Orange is the Gradient. Once you choose a color, it will show you the color from its darkest form, to its lightest form. If you want the color to be lighter, you can click along the gradient, until you get to your desired shade.

Blue is your hexadecimal color code. Once you choose your color, just copy the hex code from this box, and paste it into the box on the wajas custom creator.

Red is an "Eyedropper" tool. This tool is really cool. You click the button, and drag your mouse ANYWHERE on your computer screen. If you drag it over a certain color on your screen, and release, that color is pulled out onto your hex color finder tool! This can really come i handy when trying to make a "themed waja".

So say you want to make a strawberry cheesecake themed waja. (mmmm... cheesecake) You can pull up a picture of actual strawberry cheesecake on google, and drag the eyedropper over a strawberry, and POOF! You have the exact color of that strawberry!

Better yet, as you are dragging your eyedropper around, you will see the colors on your hex color finder as you pass over them. This can come in handy for finding the color of that ONE specific pixel you want!

The green circle indicates the slide bars on the tool. You can click and drag these to form whatever color you like. The tool works off of RGB or Red, Green, and Blue. Each of the three bars represents one of those three colors. Every color can be formed simply by dragging the bars one way or the other.

The final purple circle indicates the amount of RGB. So if you know the color you like in RGB code, you can enter it there, to be translated into hexadecimal. The RGB boxes will also change as you drag the slide bars to indicate the RGB code of whatever color you drag to.

Of course, you dont have to use the hex color finder. There is a palette tool next to the coat and eye color boxes on the waja creator, which will allow you to choose colors, which you can then paste in the other boxes. The hex color finder is just a more extensive way of doing things, and it always seems like you can use it to make more unique colors.

SO, now that you have your colors pasted into your boxes, you can push the "Generate" button. A preview of your waja will then be generated and you will be given the following option.

If all is well, and to your liking, check the "Confirmed Finished" box, and click the "Create Custom" button to create your custom!

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