Lady's Guide To Breed Rarity
     By LadyAshley #34075 & #34092

Breed Rarity

The last thing that determines a waja's value is its breed. This is determined by the rarity of the breed. So what makes a waja rare? Some wajas are retired, and there are limited stocks of them.

The rarest of all wajas is the Divine. Its tokens are retired, though were released for one day only this past year. It also has the most expensive token of any waja. 2nd generation Divines generally run 10mil+, and token costs were 50CWP per silver token, and 60CWP per gold token.

The next rarest waja is the Earth. Its tokens are also retired, and is in dire need of new blood.

The next rarest wajas are Africans (aka Affys) and Waters. The tokens of these wajas are also retired, but they are still occasionally available through the use of a "Rock Waja" or "Frog" which can at some times be purchased at the leaf exchange. You can also get a Frog by purchasing a 1 year upgrade for your wajas account.

Plushies, Fires, Egyptians, Corsies, Normals, and Tempests all run around the same prices, as they are widely available. All but Plushie tokens can be purchased at the token shop. Plushies can be created through the use of a "Plastic Waja" which can sometimes be obtained through a game of "Fish-A-Waja".

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