Lady's Guide To Account Upgrade Advantages
     By LadyAshley #34075 & #34092

Account Upgrades

While playing wajas, you will notice that two places are only accessible if you have an "Account Upgrade".

These two places are the "Bonus Barn", and the "Pear Tree".

So what advantage does this give, to users who have upgraded accounts?

First off, is the Pear Tree.
Access to this tree will allow you to pick up two "leaves" per day. (See the "Pear Tree" section of this guide for more information.)

These leaves can be traded at the "Leaf Exchange" for items that change monthly, and also for rare pears. Once items rotate out of the "Leaf Exchange", they are officially retired (except for the pears, which can be found there EVERY month). A few months down the line, and you can sell these items for a hefty price!

The next advantage to having an account upgrade, is having access to the "Bonus Barn", which is located at the top of the "Monthly Items" page. Here you may pick up a special item, that changes each month. These items are also considered retired once they are no longer available.

There are four final advantages to having an account upgrade.

One is being able to have an "Avatar" under your user name on your User Profile, and also in the forums.

The next two are that you can buy a few more items per shop restock, and that you receive a $10,000wc weekly income.

The last advantage, does not currently seem to be in effect. When playing wajas, you used to only be able to have as many wajas as your cave could hold. You could increase the size of your cave, through a wc purchase on your cave setup page. Where normal users could only have two wajas for each cave size, upgraded account users could have three.

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