Lady's Guide To Breeding Basics
     By LadyAshley #34075 & #34092

Breeding Basics

This section is for those people who are completely new to wajas.
To breed wajas you must either have a male and a female within your own cave, OR a waja in your own cave and a "love pear".

First off, you will need a Love Pear.

To breed two wajas in your own cave, click one of their profiles, then click breed. Then click the waja you wish to breed with, and press submit. You should then be taken to your female waja's page, and a green message should show telling you that that waja is pregnant.

If you look at the female waja's page it will tell you who she is bred to, and when her pups are due.

To breed outside of your cave you will need a love pear. If you are trying to breed a female waja to someone else's male then you keep the love pear in your inventory. If you are trying to breed a male to someone else's female, then they will probably request that you send a love pear to them.

To find a stud outside of your own cave, you can use the wajas search engine. Change the options so that you are searching for wajas for stud, gender, and your price range.

Studs priced at 1wc are generally for private use only, though it never hurts to ask if the owner's cave terms aren't specific. If you find a stud that you like, open their profile, click breed, and choose the waja you wish to breed with them. Your request will then be sent to the owner of the waja you requested to, and will pend there for them to accept or decline.

When requesting a breeding from someone else's waja, be sure to read their "cave terms". This should tell you any rules and regulations they have for breeding to their wajas.

Before breeding, you will always want to look at the parents of both wajas, to make sure that they are not related. Related wajas will show an Inbred Percentage, which will drastically lower their value.

If you accidentally breed two wajas who are related their Inbred Percentage will show on their profiles below the "In%" box Shown above.

When breeding, the parent's Litter Quantity (LQ), Mutation Probability Percentage (MU), and Male Gene (MG), which are also shown above, will be averaged out, and passed on to the pups.

Litter Quantity (LQ) effects the amount of pups born per litter. Low litter quantities will only yield 1 or 2 pups. The higher the LQ, the higher the chance of getting multiple pups. The max litter size is 4 pups.

Male Gene (MG) effects the chance of getting Male pups. 0 MG will only yield female pups. 100 MG will yield only male pups. 50 MG will provide both on a 50/50 ratio.

Mutation Probability Gene (MU) effects the probability that the parent's mutations will pass on to its offspring.

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