Lady's Guide To Breeding For Markings
     By LadyAshley #34075 & #34092

Moving On To Markings!

While playing wajas, you will ALWAYS hear, "markings this!", and "markings that!" Why is this, you ask? Because where some people value a waja by its looks alone, many more value a waja by how high the percentage of its markings are. The closer to 100% the better!

So how do you breed for markings? It's all a matching game! Try to find a waja that has the same markings as yours! Don't have any "leftover" markings if you can help it, try your best for an EXACT match!

SO... For example. If you have a 70 Ocelot, 80 Panda waja. You want to find a mate that has 70 in Ocelot, and 80 in Panda AT LEAST (more preferably). The higher the mate's markings are, the better. Try to get as close to 100 as you can.

You may also want to use the "Pup Prediction" method I just showed you to test the parent's colors against each other, to make sure they wont make hideously colored pups.

So say you lucked out and found a 100 Ocelot, 100 Panda mate. The midpoint between 70 & 100 and 80 & 100, should be where your pups markings come out. In this case they would probably come out 80 or 90 in Ocelot, and around 90 in Panda.

If a waja has "leftover" markings that are 10% or 20%, they may not carry to the pups at all. 10% almost never carries. 20% will carry over as 10% on about a 50/50 chance. 30% will carry over as 10%. So if your waja had 70 Ocelot, 80 Panda, and 10 Back Swirl, you really shouldn't worry about the Back Swirl carrying over to the pups, as long as the waja you are breeding to does not have ANY Back Swirl itself.

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